assim. form of ANTI- before a vowel or h (Antarctic).

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— see anti- I

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var. of anti- before a vowel or h: antacid; anthelmintic.

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ant «ant», noun.
a small insect that lives in tunnels burrowed in the ground or in wood. Ants live together in large, highly organized groups called colonies of from dozens of individuals to half a million or more. Ants are black, brown, reddish, or yellowish. Ants, bees, and wasps belong to the same group of insects.
[Old English æmete]
prefix. the form of anti- (Cf.anti-) before vowels and h, as in antacid, anthelmintic.
suffix added to verbs.
1. to form adjectives that _____s; _____ing: »

Buoyant = that buoys or buoying. Compliant = that complies or complying. Triumphant = that triumphs or triumphing.

2. to form nouns one that _____s: »

Assistant = one that assists.

See also -ent. (Cf. ↑-ent)
[< Old French -ant < Latin -āns, -antis and -ēns, -entis]
Usage See -ance for usage note. (Cf. ↑-ance)
1. a) antiquarian. b) antiquary.
2. antonym.
an't «ahnt, aynt», Informal or Dialect.
1. am not; is not.
2. are not.
Usage See ain't for usage note. (Cf.ain't)

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prefix variant spelling of anti- before a vowel or h (as in Antarctic)

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ant-, prefix
short f. anti- ‘against,’ before vowels, and h-; in words already in Gr. as ἀνταγωνιστής antagonist, and occas. in mod. words, as ant-acid (less commonly anti-acid).

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